Yugioh TCG: Effects Explained

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Monsters can possess various types of effect based on the following categories. Each effect type have a Spell Speed of 1, with the exception of Quick Effects, which have a Spell Speed of 2.

1. Continuous
A continuing effect which activates when the monster is played face-up and continues until the monster is destroyed or tributed.
2. Ignition
An effect that the player can declare during their Main Phase. Some effects require a cost to activate, such as discarding cards or paying Life Points.
3. Quick Effect
An effect that can be activated even during an opponent's turn. Unlike other effect types, these have a Spell Speed of 2.
4. Trigger
An effect which activates during specific times, such as during the Standby Phase or when a monster is destroyed.
5. Flip
An effect that activates when a face-down monster is flipped face-up, either from changing battle position, being targeted by an attack, or from a card effect.

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